Essential Sounds: Waco Live Music (4/7–4/10/23)

The Union Revival | Pivovar | 7 pm, Friday, April 7

Aaron Konzelman was on TV screens across America a couple of years ago during his stint on The Voice, but for the full experience, you need to see him perform with his wife, Amanda, collectively known as The Union Revival. With influences ranging from Allison Krause to Ray LaMontagne—and numerous folk-rock and Americana points in-between—their show at Pivovar on Friday night will no doubt highlight their 20+ year musical journey together.

Listen to more music by The Union Revival on Spotify.

Mike Stanley with Taylor Branch & The Lone Star Rambles | Backyard Bar Stage & Grill | 7 am, Saturday, April 8

We didn’t believe it ourselves at first: a 7 am show at the Backyard? But that’s the case as Mike Stanley along with Taylor Branch & The Lone Star Ramblers are playing for third-shift workers—many of whom are first responders and typically can’t see shows on a Friday or Saturday night. Gatesville native Branch has long been interested in music but dedicated himself to it beginning in 2019. With a voice reminiscent of Steve Earle and a country sound incorporating elements of rock music, catch Branch and his band at a venue like the Backyard while you still can.

Listen to music by Mike Stanley and Taylor Branch & The Lone Star Ramblers on Spotify.

Brandon Callies Band with Dana Spigener | Texas Music Cafe | 7 pm, Saturday, April 8

The Texas Music Cafe’s latest can’t-miss show features the Brandon Callies Band on Saturday night. Callies came out of the indie folk-Americana scene, but over time, he and his band have developed a rich sound with lush pop-esque harmonies. Usually, if you say a band is adding elements of pop music, that means the end is near. In their case, however, it’s creating a sound that sets them apart from everyone else. Dana Spigener opens.

Tickets are $20 and are available online.

S E V I I N | Undercroft Social Club | 8 pm, Saturday, April 8

S E V I I N’s music defies easy description. Is it hip-hop? Electronica? Doom rock? Trip hop? It employs elements of all those genres, but the result is something entirely different… and otherworldly. S E V I I N’s been producing music since 2017 and says Saturday night’s show at Undercroft will cover the last six years, but for our money, we’re hoping for a heavy dose of his 2022 album Drown. Additional performers on the bill include Hippy Doug, Alexander Longoria, and others.

$15 cover.

Smooth Nature with DJ Matt at Home | Stay Classy Waco | 8 pm, Saturday, April 8

Way back when with the advent of rap, it appeared that R&B was on its last legs. Nothing could be further from the truth today, however, as artists including Childish Gambino and D’Angelo are turning its conventions inside out to make something new that still acknowledges its past. In Waco, you’ve got new age R&B trio Smooth Nature, whose stated goals are to change their community, culture, and music. Hear how they’re doing on Saturday night when the group plays Stay Classy in downtown Waco.

Listen to more music by Smooth Nature on Spotify.

More Live Music

  • Sharp Shooter brings an eclectic mix of cover tunes—everyone from The Kinks to Prince to Duran Duran—to Freight Bar on Saturday night.
  • Cedryl Ballou & The Zydeco Trendsetters return to the Backyard Bar Stage & Grill at 4 pm on Sunday afternoon, so if you haven’t seen them yet, now’s the time to get there.
  • The two-man jam band Stikēē performs for Monday Funday at Hemingway’s Watering Hole, and you can get good eats from Mac’s Fry House too.

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