A Very ‘Reckless’ Christmas

Reckless is an offbeat comedy about a woman who flees her home on Christmas Eve to avoid being murdered.

With Christmas fast approaching and decorations going up around Waco, Silent House Theatre Company is making preparations for their own holiday show.

From December 3–5 and 10–12, Silent House presents Reckless, an intentionally non-traditional Christmas story.

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Song of the Week: “All of Me” by the Waco Early Jazz Quartet

The Waco Early Jazz Quartet, consisting of four Baylor professors, is true to its name by playing classic jazz tunes such as “All of Me.”

The Waco Early Jazz Quartet (WEJQ) is Simon Burris (trumpet), Alex Thiltges (guitar), Bob Kane (bass), and Theresa Kennedy (vocals). The group has played together since 2019 when they formed through their mutual Baylor connections.

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Song of the Week: “Any Other Guy” by Larissa Boyd

Larissa Boyd is a young up-and-coming country artist, who has released original songs such as “Any Other Guy.”

Larissa Boyd is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter, who joined the Waco country music scene in June 2020. A high school senior, she’s been involved in music her whole life. Boyd plays multiple instruments, including guitar, piano, and ukulele.

Recently she made the leap into the professional music scene, writing and performing songs inspired by her personal journey. “Any Other Guy,” like her other original songs, illustrates how her life experiences inform her music.

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Making Their Mark: An ARTPrenticeship Showcase

The Spirit of We, painted behind Brotherwell Brewing, was a 2019 ARTPrenticeship project.

Murals consisting of bright colors and exciting, meaningful designs are a frequent sight in the downtown and East Waco areas. Many people drive past them every day and likely wonder who painted them. One of the groups behind some of these murals is Creative Waco, which pairs local students with professional mentors in its ARTPrenticeship program.

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Song of the Week: “Coping Hazards” by Rad Dragon

Central Texas punk rock band Rad Dragon is known for its high-energy songs such as “Coping Hazards.”

Rad Dragon was formed in 2018 and consists of Josh Riddle (vocals/rhythm guitar), Austin Parker (bass), Bryce Buchmeyer (lead guitar), and Zack Zajicek (drums).

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Song of the Week: “Trunk Sang” by Pirscription

Pirscription is a Central Texas native and rapper who has created a name for himself with songs such as “Trunk Sang” that also features Trilly Polk and Chalie Boy. 

Payton Bryce, aka “Pirscription,” was born in Clifton, Texas, and grew up in the Central Texas area, his “turf.” His upbringing in a small Texas town influenced his musical journey and has led him to opportunities with multiple business ventures. 

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Song of the Week: “Grounded” by Far From Reach

Far From Reach is a group of five friends with Waco roots that create rock songs like “Grounded.”

Far From Reach consists of five members who have been making music together since 2018: Cassie Monaghan (vocals), Ignacio “Nacho” Gonzales (bass), Lawrence “Lenny/Sexy Pants” Monaghan (guitar), Michael “Mike” Johnson (lead guitar), and Gary Summers (drums). 

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Song of the Week: “9Lives” by Zet Zero

The “stuck inside” version of Zet Zero’s “9Lives” was recorded during the pandemic lockdown.

If you’ve seen local shows with The Dimaggios or Space Cops on the bill, Zet Zero has likely been there too. The post-punk band formed four years ago and currently consists of Cory Zimmerman (vocals/bass), Mikey Uptmor (guitars), Steve Calvillo (drums), and Dan Garrett (keyboards).

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Song of the Week: “Etude 11” by Frank Exum

Waco native Frank Exum is a staple of the local music scene, playing everything from classical Spanish acoustic guitar to classic rock … and just about everything in-between.

You might be familiar with Frank Exum thanks to the Exum Studio of Guitar, which provides private guitar lessons to Waco music lovers. Or you may have caught one of his gigs with Venus E, Spirits of Mars, or sitting in with other local bands. Starting from a young age and throughout his 30 years of experience, Exum has studied — and performed! — many different types of music around the world and is ready and willing to share his skills and knowledge with others. 

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Song of the Week: “Dream a Little Dream of Me” by Jennifer Pisarcik 

Tyler native Jennifer Pisarcik has built a local following as a pop-acoustic artist thanks to covers of classics such as “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” as well as her original songs.

“Dream a Little Dream of Me,” first recorded by Ozzie Nelson in 1931 and popularized by Ella Fitzgerald and Doris Day, is a relaxing melody that flows together beautifully with memorable lines such as “stars fading but I linger on dear” and “night breezes seem to whisper ‘I love you.’”

Jennifer Pisarcik says about the song, “I feel like sometimes music can transport us and that was one of the songs that kind of just puts you into this relaxing and no worries type of state.” Her video for the song also showcases her love for the vintage clothing and hairstyles of the ‘30s and ‘40s. 

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