‘This Is Our Youth’: Silent House Won’t Play It Safe

Silent House’s new production examines the problems that arise in trying to know yourself in an uncertain world.

Sure, Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living,” but that’s easier said than done if you’re not an ancient philosopher with a big brain. What about the lives of those who are younger, lack the skills of self-reflection, and are as much at war with themselves as they are with the world?

Silent House Theatre Company tackles these issues in its new production, This Is Our Youth, from February 4–6 at McLennan Community College’s Black Box Theatre.

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Waco Association of Wrestling Takes You to School

From backyards to arenas, pro wrestling has long been a staple of American sports and entertainment culture.

The world is an ever-complicated place, and you may ask yourself, “Is there any right and wrong anymore or is it all just shades of gray? Why can’t I tell the bad guys from the good guys? Can I just know who to cheer for?”

Now you’ll have your chance as the Waco Association of Wrestling (WAW) presents Time 2 Go 2 School on Friday, December 10, at Midway Middle School. Doors open at 5:30 pm for the VIP meet-and-greet, and bell time for the first match is 6:30 pm.

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3 Nights of Comedy with Michael Glatzmaier

Comedian Michael Glatzmaier brings three different shows to Bare Arms Brewing from November 18 – 20.

Maybe you want to go out for a night of standup comedy or improv in the style of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Or perhaps you’ve always thought taking an improv class would be fun. Sure, you can do all this in Waco, but it’s likely to be spread across the calendar at multiple venues.

That’s not the case this week, however, as Michael Glatzmaier brings all three comedy experiences to Bare Arms Brewing from Thursday, November 18, through Saturday, November 20.

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Skellington Curiosities: Livin’ the Spooky Vibe 365

Skellington Curiosities carries a deliberately offbeat selection of products.

Once upon a time, if you were sitting in your house or apartment in Waco and thought, “You know, some coffin-shaped, lagoon-green shelves would really tie this room together,” you’d have been out of luck.

Then Skellington Curiosities came to town.

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Analog Waco: The Art of Listening

Fabled Bookshop & Cafe hosts Analog Waco on Thursday, October 21, with doors opening at 7:30 pm.

We live in an age of bombast: the message is less important than the volume. Words are too often used as weapons to hit each other on the head, and whoever yells the loudest – either in person or online – is the “winner.”

A welcome counterpoint to this phenomenon is Analog Waco, described by founder Adam Moore as “an experiment in confessional storytelling.”

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Waco Cultural Arts Fest 2021: A Healthy Dose of Happiness

Art for all and experiential art experiences are the foundation of the Waco Cultural Arts Fest.

“Art.” Just say the word and most folks get the heebie-jeebies. After all, isn’t “art” a picture that makes no sense, a poem you don’t understand, or a song that sounds like musicians tuning their instruments?

That is, art is something people make who are completely unlike you, right?

Thankfully, that’s not the Waco Cultural Arts Fest (WCAF), not when it started in 2004 and not the 2021 edition that runs from October 15 – 17 in Indian Spring Park along the Brazos River.

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Song of the Week: “Remember Her Name” by Mickey Guyton

“Remember Her Name” is the title track of the debut country album from Mickey Guyton.

Mickey Guyton may have lived in Crawford, next to then-Texas Governor George W. Bush’s ranch, but she’s spent 10 years in Nashville trying to make her way in the country music business. She had some missteps along the way — she admits trying to (unsuccessfully) write “beer truck” songs because that’s what was on the radio — but last year she became the first Black solo female country artist to be nominated for best solo country performance for her song “Black Like Me.”

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Silent House Theatre Company Takes Center Stage


The theater house lights go down, the curtain on the stage opens, and a figure appears. With collective anticipation, audience members lean imperceptibly forward in their seats and ask themselves, “What will happen next?”

Thanks to the newly formed Silent House Theatre Company, Waco has yet another option for live theater.

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Deep in the Heart Film Festival 2021 Virtual Cinema

By Mark Long


You may be ready to mark this year’s Deep in the Heart Film Festival (DitHFF) as finished. After all, the Hippodrome’s theaters are dark again, the awards have been handed out, and everybody’s gone home … or for many of the filmmakers in attendance this past weekend, they’re moving on to the next movie festival.

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