Mark Roy Long

Mark Roy Long's various incarnations have included college English instructor, book publisher, freelance writer, editorial content manager, and professional lawn mower. He is a devotee of craft beer, disc golf, and live music. A long-time Waco resident, he was tired of asking, “What’s going on around town?” and decided to answer that for himself... and anyone else who wanted to know.

this is our youth

‘This Is Our Youth’: Silent House Won’t Play It Safe

Silent House Theatre Company tackles these issues in its new production, This Is Our Youth, from February 4–6 at McLennan Community College’s Black Box Theatre.

time 2 go 2 school-cropped

Waco Association of Wrestling Takes You to School

The world is an ever-complicated place, and you may ask yourself, “Is there any right and wrong anymore or is it all just shades of…


3 Nights of Comedy with Michael Glatzmaier

Maybe you want to go out for a night of standup comedy or improv in the style of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Or perhaps…


Skellington Curiosities: Livin’ the Spooky Vibe 365

Once upon a time, if you were sitting in your house or apartment in Waco and thought, “You know, some coffin-shaped, lagoon-green shelves would really…


Analog Waco: The Art of Listening

We live in an age of bombast: the message is less important than the volume. Words are too often used as weapons to hit each…

Waco Cultural Arts Fest 2021: A Healthy Dose of Happiness

The 2021 Waco Cultural Arts Fest (WCAF) runs from October 15 – 17 in Indian Spring Park along the Brazos River.


Song of the Week: “Remember Her Name” by Mickey Guyton

Mickey Guyton may have lived in Crawford, next to then-Texas Governor George W. Bush’s ranch, but she’s spent 10 years in Nashville trying to make…


Silent House Theatre Company Takes Center Stage

The theater house lights go down, the curtain on the stage opens, and a figure appears. With collective anticipation, audience members lean imperceptibly forward in…


Deep in the Heart Film Festival 2021 Virtual Cinema

You may be ready to mark this year’s Deep in the Heart Film Festival (DitHFF) as finished. After all, the Hippodrome’s theaters are dark again, the awards have been handed out, and everybody’s gone home.


5 Things to Do in Waco after Magnolia Market at The Silos

(Updated March 2022.) So, you made it to Waco’s holy grail: Magnolia Market at the Silos. When you’re done there, however, Waco still has plenty…

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