Eastside Market Celebrates Waco’s Arts Diversity with a Big City Vibe

Brotherwell Brewing on East Bridge Street is the long-time host of the Eastside Market.

Since 2019, the outdoor seating area at Brotherwell Brewing on Bridge Street in East Waco has been transformed once a month into a thriving, open-air market. So what could be better than that? This Sunday, April 3, will be the first Eastside Market on its new, expanded schedule that now includes the first and third Sundays—more time for beer, friends, food, art, and music.

The Eastside Market is the vision of creative entrepreneur Eric Linares and Andreas Zaloumis, his friend and founder of Thrst Coffee. It’s an outdoor, art-themed event with a mission to celebrate the diversity of Waco culture by supporting local businesses, artists, and artisans. In its nearly three years of operation, the market has become such a draw for locals and tourists that Linares and Zaloumis knew it was time to add a second market each month.

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Saffron: Home Cooking from India & Pakistan

Expand your palate at Saffron with dishes such as the chicken karahi.

Comfort food varies for different people and cultures. Saffron, an Indian and Pakistani restaurant on Valley Mills, offers a particular kind of comfort food you may not even know you’re craving: Indian home cooking.

There may be no better way to warm your belly than by filling it with rich, heavily spiced curries, tender grilled meats, and billows of fluffy basmati rice speckled with cumin seeds and the occasional cinnamon stick or bay leaf. The Ali family behind Saffron makes homey North Indian and Pakistani food guaranteed to welcome and comfort the weary, so order extra naan as if it were a warming blanket and dig in.

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Baked Bliss: A Christmas Miracle Every Day

You’ll find multiple ways to satisfy your sweet tooth in the cozy outdoor setting that Baked Bliss occupies.

The next time you’re craving a sweet treat and don’t know where to turn, make your way toward Cameron Park and sidle up to Baked Bliss on 15th Street. 

Once there, you’ll find tender, slightly dense (in a good way) cinnamon buns smothered in vanilla-laced cream cheese frosting, a slew of tall, moist cupcakes sporting two-inch swirls of frosting, and a wide selection of scones, cookies, kolaches, and savory egg dishes.

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2022 Texas Food Truck Showdown

Get to Heritage Square early on Saturday to beat the lines at the food trucks.

The pandemic put the kibosh on the Texas Food Truck Showdown for the last two years, but this Saturday, March 19, it’s returning to Heritage Square in downtown Waco.

“It’s going to be a fun event for the whole family,” said Alivia Zepeda, director of signature events at the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce, “and we are very excited to be able to host it again.”

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The Honky Tonk Kid’s World Tour

Update: Honky Tonk Kid closed in April 2022. Follow chef David Gorham on Instagram, or go by Southern Roots Brewing Co. to try the menu items he’s created for them.

Honky Tonk Kid BBQ offers classic barbeque plates as well as more exotic options such as takoyaki.

Six days a week, David Gorham rises well before dawn and heads to his restaurant, Honky Tonk Kid BBQ. He checks the barbeque pits and removes the tender briskets, sausages, chickens, and ribs from their 12–14 hour stretch in the smoker, then sets them aside to rest. Next, he preps all of the cooked sides and daily specials from scratch—decadent mac and cheese and smoky-sweet baked beans—before his staff arrives mid-morning to help finish up.

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Meet Your New Blasian Asian Family

Chevy DuBose’s Cambodian upbringing is the driving force behind The Blasian Asian’s menu.

Nestled in the bustling food court of Union Hall is a hidden gem of a food stall you don’t want to miss. The Blasian Asian serves up made-to-order Cambodian dishes—Nompang Sach Chrouk (a sandwich similar to bahn mi), Nam Chean (pork or veggie egg rolls), Jakak (marinated meat skewers)—you won’t find anywhere else in Waco. Plus, its owners are two of the kindest people you’ll meet: Chevy (Chavrat) and Mike DuBose.

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Nourish Your Soul at Harvest on 25th

The Harvest on 25th experience will leave you feeling invigorated.

Located on a busy little block of 25th Street, Harvest on 25th welcomes diners with sunny windows, friendly counter service, and the Feed your body well mural by local artist Skye Barak. Get there early, because the ever-popular pancakes (we’re talking house-made sourdough with vanilla-cardamom maple syrup and blueberries, or gluten-free chocolate with seasonal citrus and candied cacao nibs) sell out quickly.

Place your order, grab your number, and find a spot at one of the cozy wooden tables, or belly up to the sunny, window-facing counter seats.

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Splendid Oaks Chocolates to the Rescue

splendid oaks display case
Experience next-level craft chocolate at Splendid Oaks Chocolates.

Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it, eventually we find ourselves in a mad dash to the grocery store at the eleventh hour for whatever forlorn chocolates and flowers are left malingering on the shelves. Hershey Kisses in a red bag? Sure. Heart-shaped box of whatevers? Fine. We grab indiscriminately, desperate not to show up empty-handed.

Fear not, for redemption is at hand. Whether you’re single, attached, or somewhere in-between, Splendid Oaks Chocolates has got your back. This artisan chocolate shop in downtown Waco is guaranteed to ease the V-Day pressure and bring a little joy to your February doldrums.

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310’s Kitchen Brings the Gulf Coast to Elm Street

Even in a crowded Waco barbecue scene, 310’s Kitchen stands out with its southeast Texas menu.

Waco may be six hours from the Gulf Coast, but 310’s Kitchen is bringing a taste of Galveston to historic Elm Street. Chef-owner Tony Berotte, a Galvestonian who has called Waco home for over nineteen years, creates memorable barbeque and seafood dishes using flavors and techniques he inherited from his Creole-Cajun family.

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