Eastside Market Celebrates Waco’s Arts Diversity with a Big City Vibe

Brotherwell Brewing on East Bridge Street is the long-time host of the Eastside Market.

Since 2019, the outdoor seating area at Brotherwell Brewing on Bridge Street in East Waco has been transformed once a month into a thriving, open-air market. So what could be better than that? This Sunday, April 3, will be the first Eastside Market on its new, expanded schedule that now includes the first and third Sundays—more time for beer, friends, food, art, and music.

The Eastside Market is the vision of creative entrepreneur Eric Linares and Andreas Zaloumis, his friend and founder of Thrst Coffee. It’s an outdoor, art-themed event with a mission to celebrate the diversity of Waco culture by supporting local businesses, artists, and artisans. In its nearly three years of operation, the market has become such a draw for locals and tourists that Linares and Zaloumis knew it was time to add a second market each month.

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Skellington Curiosities: Livin’ the Spooky Vibe 365

Skellington Curiosities carries a deliberately offbeat selection of products.

Once upon a time, if you were sitting in your house or apartment in Waco and thought, “You know, some coffin-shaped, lagoon-green shelves would really tie this room together,” you’d have been out of luck.

Then Skellington Curiosities came to town.

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