The Light in the Piazza: An Incredible Italian Excursion

‘The Light in the Piazza’ follows the unexpected romance between Fabrizio and Clara.

Plenty of justifications exist to explain why many people, truthfully, do not feel untethered emotions. Perhaps a burning spirit is placated by reason or a joyful soul is scarred by time.

In The Light in the Piazza, the Tony Award-winning musical, Margaret Johnson arrives with her twenty-six-year-old daughter, Clara, on the streets of 1950s Florence, Italy, for a summer abroad. Clara has a developmental disability, and despite being an adult, she is emotionally immature, leaving Margaret to fear she is incapable of marriage. However, the relationship her daughter develops with an Italian suitor, Fabrizio, and his family makes Margaret question her role in Clara’s life—and her own marriage.

Directed by Baylor University’s Dr. Jen Stephenson, The Light in the Piazza is Waco Civic Theatre’s latest production. Following its opening last weekend, the show concludes this week with performances from Thursday, September 29, through Sunday, October 2.

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Godspell: A Silent House & Waco Civic Theatre Collaboration  

Godspell’s setting is a playground, but there’s more going on than fun and games

To conceptualize Godspell around a narrative is to do the play an injustice. Sure, audiences will see a modern retelling of events from the Gospel of Matthew and the parables Jesus taught the disciples before his death. And while it’s set on a playground to a rock-ballad soundtrack, to understand what Godspell accomplishes, one must acknowledge the parts of theater that go beyond music and recitation of lines from a script.

What audiences will experience is in one sense intangible but will nevertheless leave them enthralled as witnesses to the birth of a community. Don’t miss this exhilarating live performance that’s thanks to the efforts of two Waco theater groups: Silent House Theatre Company and Waco Civic Theatre.

Godspell runs through Saturday, August 27, at the Waco Civic Theatre. Performances begin at 7:30 pm each night with an additional 2:30 pm matinee on Saturday.

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God of Carnage: Another Twist from Silent House

Photo by Luke Larsen

Four people sit on stage, divided between two couches. They are two couples meeting for the first time to discuss a playground altercation that took place between their sons. The audience will remain with them in the apartment for the next hour and a half: one act with no asides, no scene changes, no breaks, but lots of liquor and chaos. Witness a conversation that shatters the veneer of pleasantries we all conform to and, with plenty of humor, exposes the ugliness we so often keep tucked away.

This is Silent House Theatre Company’s latest production, God of Carnage, the Tony Award-winning play by Yasmina Reza. It premiered at McLennan Community College’s Music & Theatre Arts building last week and concludes its two-week run this weekend with Friday and Saturday performances at 7:30 pm and a Sunday matinee at 2:30 pm. So don’t miss your chance to witness a demolition derby of emotion and social commentary.   

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Silent House’s The Crucible is a 17th-Century Horror Story

The threats posed by suspected witches have long occupied the imaginations of European and American cultures.

If you attended high school in the US, you probably read Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible. But let’s face it, you likely forgot about it not long after, except perhaps for a lingering memory that someone in the play saw someone else with the devil, and things got a little crazy.

And sure, while you may not have seen The Crucible performed, you might also remember it was Miller’s ‘50s-era response to McCarthyism and the persecution of artists and free thinkers under the guise of rooting out communism. And you likely recall, even from the text, the sense of looming catastrophe and rising panic Miller conjured.

Now you have a chance to catch the final weekend of Silent House Theatre’s production of The Crucible and experience the palpable terror, tragedy, and tumult of a literal and figurative witch hunt. It won’t be a comfortable performance, but then, that’s the point. 

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‘Into the Woods’ Like You’ve Never Seen 

into the words-hero
‘Into the Woods’ is a testament to being very careful about what you wish for.

A baker and his wife long for the child they cannot have. A young girl ventures into the forest to deliver food to her ailing granny. An impoverished young man takes his beloved cow to market in a desperate attempt to put food on the table. We know these fairy and folk tales as parables for children, designed to teach them about love, loss, sacrifice, and courage.

In the musical Into the Woods, the late great Stephen Sondheim found new narratives in these age-old tales, expressing through musical theater the what-ifs and what-nows that materialize after wishes come true and evils are vanquished.

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‘This Is Our Youth’: Silent House Won’t Play It Safe

Silent House’s new production examines the problems that arise in trying to know yourself in an uncertain world.

Sure, Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living,” but that’s easier said than done if you’re not an ancient philosopher with a big brain. What about the lives of those who are younger, lack the skills of self-reflection, and are as much at war with themselves as they are with the world?

Silent House Theatre Company tackles these issues in its new production, This Is Our Youth, from February 4–6 at McLennan Community College’s Black Box Theatre.

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A Very ‘Reckless’ Christmas

Reckless is an offbeat comedy about a woman who flees her home on Christmas Eve to avoid being murdered.

With Christmas fast approaching and decorations going up around Waco, Silent House Theatre Company is making preparations for their own holiday show.

From December 3–5 and 10–12, Silent House presents Reckless, an intentionally non-traditional Christmas story.

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Silent House Theatre Company Takes Center Stage


The theater house lights go down, the curtain on the stage opens, and a figure appears. With collective anticipation, audience members lean imperceptibly forward in their seats and ask themselves, “What will happen next?”

Thanks to the newly formed Silent House Theatre Company, Waco has yet another option for live theater.

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