Eat, Drink, Repeat with Angelica Mazé


Waco Insider readers have come to expect resident food writer Angelica Mazé’s weekly profiles of local chefs and their restaurants. The only problem? She always learns more than she can use in a single article.

The solution?

The podcast Eat, Drink, Repeat. Twice a month or so, Mazé sits down with talented Central Texas chefs to talk about professional food life: from the joys and challenges of feeding people for a living, to finding a work-life balance, to the mechanics of recipe development, to everything else that pops up along the way.

As a longtime West Coast food industry professional, Mazé is more than just a fan of good food. She knows the business inside and out, how to talk the talk, and which questions to ask so you can get the inside scoop on the local food scene.

Want a preview? Check out this trailer for the show.

Recent episodes include:

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