Friday Night Magic: The Gathering Draft

October 4, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – October 5, 2019 @ 12:00 am
King's Landing Games
1427 S Valley Mills Dr
Waco TX
(254) 752-2333

Magic: The Gathering drafts are back at King’s Landing. Pod up, get packs, build the best deck of the most current standard product to rise above your fellow competitors, and collect some glorious prize support at the end of the tournament.

Everyone will receive at least one pack for participation and a higher cut of packs to the top competitors. The size of the top is determined by the turnout. Prize support will be issued at end of the tournament, but if you need to drop, go talk to the Tournament Organizer (TO) to receive your guaranteed pack.

Booster Draft Rules

You’ll be issued three booster packs from the current set (Throne of Eldraine) after you are assigned to a drafting pod. Open your first pack upon the agreed drafting start time by TO or your friendly neighborhood judge. Pick a card and pass the remainder of your pack to your neighbor. Judge or TO will determine which way you are passing the cards. Be patient with other drafters, of course, and rounds will begin once every pack has been completely drafted among pods. 40 card deck minimum. King’s Landing will provide your lands.

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