Ground Yourself at Da’Shack Farmers Market

Behind this unassuming exterior, you’ll find a veritable oasis promoting physical and mental well-being.

You don’t need a green thumb to appreciate the centering effects of a well-tended garden, and according to Donna Nickerson of Da’Shack Farmers Market, you don’t need a green thumb to cultivate your own garden. But you will need to get there before the end of June!

Da’Shack, a plant nursery, farmers market, and mental health hub in an East Waco residential neighborhood just off Waco Drive, is Nickerson’s vision for a holistic approach to mental and physical health. Nickerson, a licensed psychotherapist with a thriving, multi-location practice in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, has been cultivating a growing fan base of Wacoans since she opened the doors to Da’Shack in 2017, and she’s just getting started.

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